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& School of Integrative Energy Medicine

Please note:  Aniiyah Klock legally changed her name from Janet Klock in December 2015.

367 Andersen Hill Road, Berkshire, New York 13736


Massage Cancellation Policy:  Kindly allow for 24 hours notice if cancellation is necessary.  This allows for the space to be filled by another.  A one time exception to this policy is permitted.  Further occurrences will require appointments to be secured with prepayment via credit card.

Weather Cancellations:  Due to our remote location, please allow for extra time when traveling to appointments in winter months.  If a client feels unsafe to travel due to weather conditions, a call as soon as possible to reschedule is very much appreciated.  

School Cancellations:  If school is cancelled due to inclement weather, the weekend following will be the make up weekend.