School of
Integrative Energy Medicine

Integrative Energy Medicine (IEM) has its foundation in the fundamentals of Classical Chinese Medicine; the Chakra system and the wisdom and guidance of the Ancestors. Our medicine has emerged from thousands of years of observations of the human body -mind- spirit, and our relationship with the natural world.


Why Integrative Energy Medicine?

  • Supports the healing systems inherent in the body and mind by using methods, medicines and techniques that are in harmony with natural processes.
  • Noninvasive practices, which minimize the risk of harmful side effects.
  • Allows for trust in the bodys inherent wisdom to heal itself.
  • Practitioners learn to view the body as an integrated whole in all its physical and spiritual dimensions.

“I began my adventure into the healing world due to my own health issues and a desire to be more self aware of health options for myself and my family. As it is for many who feel a calling to heal, I began to feel, hear and see things in my body and in the Natural world around me that made me question the current paradigm, the currently accepted practices in western medicine. To become more knowledgable about the body, I educated myself. I received my NYS Massage license in 2004 and continued on to receive certifications in a number of different energy modalities. I gained confidence in my ability to feel energy. I became fluent in the “language” of the energy body. I practiced paying attention to everything, and learned to trust my intuition, and the information I was receiving from the natural world that surrounds and supports us all.”

“ Our body is brilliant. It holds all the answers we need to live a happy, healthy, abundant life. I know it is time to shift the current health care paradigm that so many have become “comfortable” with. I believe the best way to shift is through education. When we know better we do better… Hence, the idea of this school was born!”

~ Aniiyah Klock

Massage Practice

Providing heart-centered massage and Energy Medicine based on five element theory, meridians, and chakras in a relaxing, safe and comfortable environment; offering a range of services that support the health and well being of all clients.


Everyday we are “different” in our bodies based upon our circumstances of that day. All life experiences, both positive and negative, are recorded and stored in our amazing bodies. Therefore, “dis-ease” can be changed and healed by providing the space and focus on the body, mind and spirit; creating “ease” on your life path ~ Aniiyah

lavender-tall“Everything is vibration: our thoughts, bodies, physical reality, and emotions. Every cell, muscle, tissue, organ, and system in the body has a vibration that can be scientifically measured and changed with touch. To receive touch is like teaching the body a new language, the spaces where we hold tension can be smoothed and shaped to allow us to be “easy” on our journey. I believe every human being has the capability to create a healthy joyful life, and my goal is to offer individuals space and experience to make that a reality.”

Aniiyah Klock is a NYS Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Reflexologist, Reiki Master, Certified Meridian Massage Therapist, and Certified Herbalist.   She has been a complementary wellness practitioner since 1999.  Aniiyah specializes in Reflexology, Meridian Massage (needle-less acupuncture), Craniosacral therapy, Reiki, Healing Touch.  She is also certified through Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital for Cancer Massage, holds an Advanced certification in (ARCH)  Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing and is one of a few certified Meridian Massage Therapist’s in NY State.